Chairman of CMB and His Company Visited Lucky Horse International Wine Culture Center

On the afternoon of Nov.12th, Chairman of CMB (Concours Mondial de Bruxelles) Mr. Baudouin Havaux, chateau owners from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, CMB judges and professional wine purchasers from Jingdong visited Lucky Horse International Wine Culture Center.20181206-01

President Lin Jianguo of Lucky Horse Group warmly received them and he made a brief introduction of the development orientation, layout plan and construction progress of LuckyHorseInternationalWineCultureCenter, then they visited Lucky Horse International Wine & Spirits Club (World Wine Expo Park Flagship Store), LuckyHorseWorldWineMuseum and other main function areas.20181206-02

(Right)Chairman of CMB Mr. Baudouin Havaux

Chairman of CMB Mr. Baudouin Havaux took a photo with Mr. Lin, he said it’s a great pleasure to meet Mr. Lin again after so many years. Especially after his visit to LuckyHorseWorldWineMuseum, he’s deeply touched by Mr. Lin’s passion for wine. Many years ago, he had the wish to build a world wine museum, but most chateaus are family-owned in France and Spain, this wish hasn’t come true. What a surprise that Mr. Lin had given him, thanks to Mr. Lin, thanks to the common understanding, he believed that it’s very wise and farsighted to choose the international stage Shanghai and to build in Hongqiao, it’ll become a successful project. The wine museum presents not only Chinese wine culture but also the world wine culture, it’s worth learning and he hopes the museum can continue construction. After the finish of the other five pavilions of the museum, he will bring his team to visit again.20181206-03

(Left)Mr. Jose LRodriguez from Spain

Mr. Jose LRodriguez from Spain expressed that wine museum is one of the key elements to inherit wine culture. He’s deeply touched at the first visit of LuckyHorseWorldWineMuseum, especially the collection of wine gods, the video has a visual impact and the collections clearly tell the history of wine. He wishes LuckyHorseWorldWineMuseum to be bigger and better.20181206-04

(Left)Mr. Gianluigi Gloria from Italy (Right) Ms. Filodea Nardelli

Mr. Gianluigi Gloria from Italy and Ms. Filodea Nardelli express their thanks to Mr. Lin, this is their first time to China to participate Pro wine trade show, they didn’t know that in China Mr. Lin has such a passion for wine culture. The world wine museum was really eye-opening, they’ve learnt the knowledge of Chinese rice wine and its brewing process, they expressed great thanks to Mr. Lin and hope he can come to visit their chateaus in Italy.20181206-05

(The fourth from the right)Mr. Hernani Magalhaes from Portugal

Mr. Hernani Magalhaes from Portugal thanks for the warmly reception of Mr. Lin and praised the prefect dinner. It’s really amazing to visit the museum, especially for him who’s interested in history and culture. He’s learnt the history of wine in China and recalled the history of their wine culture, he hopes that next time he can stay in the museum for a whole day to study the wine culture.20181206-06

(The third from the right)Mr. Marcel from Sweden

Mr. Marcel from Sweden said it’s the first time for him to visit such a good museum. There’re real materials, video and text, the video of wine god is really good, this visit is really amazing and he’s learnt lots of Chinese wine culture, he also invites Mr. Lin to visit his chateau in Sweden.20181206-07

Photo in the Rice Wine Pavilion

At the end of the visit, they still praise and immerse themselves in the wine museum, they took photos in the Rice Wine Pavilion, later Mr. Lin invites them for banquet.

As the world’s unique travelling wine competition, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is hailed as “the UN of Fine Wines”, most award-winning wines will soon arrive in LuckyHorseWorldWineExpoPark, “Bruxelles Award-winning Wine Club” is under preparation, it will soon set up in Lucky Horse and in Shanghai to show to the world.

Mr. Lin expressed that Lucky Horse International Wine Culture Center as a cultural carrier with the largest size, rich content, various forms and complete functions has spread Chinese wine culture to the world, it stands in the Orient of the world with confidence in culture and brand, it will boost the cooperation with wine enterprises in different countries toward open, tolerant, mutual and win-win development orientation.

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB for short)—the world’s unique travelling wine competition, is hailed as “the United Nations of Fine Wines”.