Zhangzhou Institute of Science and Engineering is the provincial full-time higher education college which is approved by the Fujian People’s Government,registered on the record of? the Ministry of Education and can issue the junior college diploma.It is located in the Lantian industry development zone of Zhangzhou and set up solely by Fujian Lucky Horse Group.The institute insists the service-oriented,employment-oriented,capacity-backed and quality-oriented educational philosophy and puts the talent cultivation mode into practice,which is to “integrate school and factory into an organic whole to combine work and study ”.It has formed the talent cultivation system which the institute takes the lead,the factory follows in and both sides combine as a whole.The institute has reached the aim of sustainable development by the combination of student’s moral quality and vocational technology.With the supports of Lucky Horse Group and the relative superior departments,the institute strives to carry forward the reform of talent cultivation system and tries to make it as the key college among institutes of science and engineering in the west bank of the strait.